3 Easy Ways on How to Preserve Peeled Garlic

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how to preserve peeled garlic

Garlic is a staple of the culinary world. It’s delicious, it’s versatile, and it’s good for you. But did you know that it can lead to spoilage if you don’t store it properly? If you find yourself with garlic that has started to lose its freshness, you can take a few steps to preserve it until next time.

If you’re here to know the steps on how to preserve peeled garlic, you’ve come to the right place!

Before you learn how to preserve peeled garlic, here’s what you need to do!

Before you preserve garlic, you need to know how to select and peel them right. So, here is the information you need to begin!

How do you select garlic to be preserved?

When selecting garlic to be preserved, there are a few things that you need to look out for.

  1. You want to ensure that the garlic is free of mold or rotting. If there is any sign of mold or rot, do not use it for preservation.
  2. You also want to double-check that the bulbs are firm and plump. If they’re soft or wrinkly, they were harvested too late in their growth cycle and will not have enough sugars in them to preserve properly.
  3. The cloves should be firm but not rock-hard. They’re probably too old if they’re too hard and don’t feel like they’ll break when squeezed.
  4. Avoid any bulbs that have sprouted or have started to lose their papery layers.

How to peel before preserving peeled garlic?

Peeling garlic is a pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s the right way to do it!

Step 1: Get two metal bowls where your garlic can fit.

Step 2: Put your garlic in one metal bowl, and use the other bowl to cover the top of the said bowl where your garlic is.

Step 3: Shake the bowl as hard as you can for 30 seconds.

Note: This Two Bowl Method is only applicable to older garlic with loose skin.

But if you have younger garlic, here’s what I recommend before you start preserving.

Step 1: Take the clove and place it on the cutting board. You may want to use a knife or your hands if it’s hard to hold onto the clove with your hand alone.

Step 2: Place the flat side of your knife on top of the garlic clove and give it a whack using your hand or another heavy object to break open the skin without smashing it into bits.

Step 3: Pull off any loose pieces of skin and call it good!

How to preserve peeled garlic?

There are different ways on how to preserve peeled garlic, such as freezing and canning. But let’s not make it the hard way. Freezing is the most recommended way to preserve peeled garlic. 

So, how do you do it?

How to preserve peeled garlic through freezing.

Option 1: Chop the garlic first and use a plastic freezer bag to wrap it tightly. Place it in the freezer.

Option 2: Use a secured jar or container where you can store the garlic. Place it in the freezer and remove cloves as you need.

Option 3: Make a puree using oil. Use a blender and mix two parts of oil and 1 part of garlic. After mixing, put it in an airtight jar or container and store it in the freezer. Do not try to store it at room temperature, or it will spoil.

Note: You’ll want to be sure that you don’t let any water or other liquids into the container when preserving peeled garlic. This could cause it to worsen more quickly than if left alone.

Why is canning not recommended in preserving peeled garlic?

Canned peeled garlic is a good option if you want to preserve garlic. But it’s not ideal for many reasons.

Canned peeled garlic is typically packed in a water-based solution and then sealed into a can. This means that the garlic never gets the chance to absorb all of its flavors from the liquid, making it taste flat. Also, since it’s been exposed to high temperatures, canned peeled garlic tends to lose some of its nutritional value and break down more quickly than fresh or frozen garlic.

Another strong reason why canning is not ideal for preserving peeled garlic is that:

Canning peeled garlic is not ideal because the jars must be processed in a pressure canner for 75 minutes, which is significantly longer than the recommended processing time for canned whole garlic. The extra processing time required to can peel garlic is necessary to prevent botulism.

Usage of preserved peeled garlic

Now that you already know how to preserve peeled garlic the right way, it’s time to learn how to use your preserved peeled garlic.

We’ve got a few ideas for where you can use preserved peeled garlic.

  1. Use it as a condiment on your next pizza. Just sprinkle it over the top of your favorite homemade pie, and you’re good to go!
  2. Add it to your favorite soup recipe. The heady flavor of preserved peeled garlic will bring an extra dimension of flavor to any hearty soup or stew you’re making.
  3. Add it to any dish that needs a little more oomph. Whether it’s a cheesy pasta dish or your favorite curry recipe, this garlic will definitely add something special!
  4. Make a simple vinaigrette by mixing preserved garlic with olive oil and lemon juice. This is great for salads or drizzling over fish.
  5. Use it in marinades and rubs for chicken or pork, turning the garlic into a flavorful paste when cooked.
  6. Use the preserved peeled garlic in homemade hummus or salsa!

Now, you know how to preserve peeled garlic!

We hope you found this article useful! We know how tough it is to allocate time to preserve peeled garlic, and we are glad we shared this help.

If you don’t have a place but want to plant and grow your own garlic, try starting with an organic garlic plant. They’re so easy to grow, and if you plant them in the fall, you can harvest them in the springtime.

Now, you have all the information you need to preserve peeled garlic! It’s a simple process, and now that you know how to do it, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fresh garlic again.

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