5 Easy Steps on How to Propagate ZZ Plant: Learn Repotting Techniques!

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how to propagate ZZ plant

A ZZ plant is one of the famous houseplants that existed centuries ago. It thrives in drought-prone countries like Africa. Until decades ago, people learned that the ZZ plant could be propagated worldwide!

Now, many people are interested in learning how to propagate ZZ plants, regardless of their weather conditions. And if you’re one of them, you’ve landed on the right page! 

This article will lay down the steps on how to propagate ZZ plant and other details about growing this houseplant.

Before learning how to propagate ZZ plant, learn more about this houseplant!

ZZ plant or also called Zamiouculcas zamifolia is an attractive houseplant with dark green leaves. You’ll typically see it as displays in offices and households, making it a popular houseplant.

The reason why many people choose to have ZZ plants in their homes and offices is that it tolerates the following.

  • Low light conditions
  • Drought
  • Neglect

It simply means that the ZZ plant is not demanding and would still grow even without consistent care. Speaking of growth, a ZZ plant can grow up to 2 to 3 feet wide and a foot in height. Note that this growth happens very slowly.

Fun fact about ZZ plant: ZZ plant can act as an air purifier, as said by the researchers of NASA. It can react to different types of toxins, such as:

  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Xylene

Sad fact about the ZZ plant: All parts of a ZZ plant are poisonous and can be dangerous. But one misconception about this plant is that it’s only poisonous but never cancerous. 

That’s why if you have ZZ plants, keep your pets and children away from them and don’t let them taste them. It can cause skin irritation if touched.

Ways how to propagate ZZ plant

One thing you should know about how to propagate ZZ plants is that they come from huge rhizomes that look like potatoes. 

But when it comes to propagating them, you need stem cuttings.

How to get stem cuttings of a ZZ plant?

Before you learn how to propagate ZZ plant, you need to have stem cuttings first. Here’s how to get it.

Step 1

Cut a stalk on the base of your ZZ plant with a straight cut using a sanitized knife.

Step 2

Place your cut stem in a container with water.

Step 3

Change the water in the container every three to four weeks. Make sure that there is no mold.

Step 4

Ensure that you place the stem cuttings in a place where they can receive light. A window is a perfect spot. Note that sunlight is essential to encourage your ZZ cutting to thrive.

Step 5

Check and see if it has a rhizome and one inch of roots. If it has these two things, it’s the perfect time to repot your cuttings!

How do you repot ZZ cuttings?

Typically, your cuttings will reach 3 months before they develop a rhizome and roots. And when you need to repot it, here’s how to do it.

Step 1

Choose a pot with drain holes and a saucer. Drainage is a must when it comes to growing a ZZ plant.

Step 2

Fill your pot with at least 2 inches of potting soil. This is enough for your cuttings to grow more roots. There is particular potting soil for houseplants, and you need to know which one to use. This way, you can ensure optimal growth.

Step 3

Put your ZZ plant cuttings on the pot. Press it softly in the soil. You’re free to place more than one stem cuttings to make it more beautiful.

Step 4

Give your cuttings the support it needs by putting a little more soil around them. 

Step 5

If you have multiple stems, just support them with soil simultaneously. Then fill the pot with soil until it reaches the top of your pot but leave at least two inches of free space on the rim of the pot.

Step 6

Water the soil thoroughly. Just slightly run water around the soil for even watering.

Is it better to propagate the ZZ plant on water or soil?

You can propagate the ZZ plant in water or soil and you the answer to the posed question depends on your preferences.

Here’s what you need to take note of.

  • Propagating the ZZ plant in water lets you monitor its roots and rhizome.
  • But propagating ZZ plants in the soil can give your houseplant stronger roots.

What’s the best potting soil for the ZZ plant?

If you want to learn how to propagate ZZ plants in soil, you need to know the best potting soil for it. And what is it?

You can use a mixture of perlite and coconut coir. Ensure that they are equally and thoroughly mixed. This potting soil is fair enough for your ZZ plant to be saved from rot while ensuring that it has enough moisture essential for its growth.

How to make the ZZ plant grow faster?

One thing you should know about ZZ plants is that they’re slow growers. They also thrive without fertilizer. But if you want to fasten the development, you can also add fertilizer. 

A diluted liquid houseplant fertilizer will do. You just need to give your houseplant once a month after watering. But make sure to do this during their growing season, mostly April to August.

Tips on how to propagate ZZ plant

Here are other tips on how to propagate ZZ plant.

  • Ensure to keep the average temperature and humidity levels when propagating the ZZ plant. The ideal humidity for this houseplant is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And for the temperature, it should be below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Czech regularly for infestations, especially aphids. This would be a must, especially if you placed your houseplant outside during warm months. ZZ plants that are infested with aphids generate yellow spots on the leaves.
  • Do not overwater your plant so it won’t catch mold. Before you water it, make sure that the soil feels and looks dry. Remember that the ZZ plant is drought-tolerant. The rhizome stores water so you don’t need to water it often.
  • Only repot the ZZ plant during spring. Repot your cuttings when it outgrows your nursery pot and when their roots start escaping the drainage holes.

Our final take on propagating the ZZ plant

As we said earlier, ZZ plants are not sensitive and demanding. And learning how to propagate ZZ plants is an easy task! You can grow them with little care, and they will still thrive. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is mold. You don’t want your ZZ plant to have mold, or else it’s the end of it.

You can do this by ensuring you do not overwater them and that you change their water during the first three months of it on the water container.

Now that you know how to propagate ZZ plant, it’s time to get this newfound knowledge to work!

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