6 Easy Steps on How to Grow Green Onions

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how to grow green onions

Green onions are a type of onion harvested early while the bulb is still small and immature. Unlike other types of onions that can take months to mature, green onions only need a few weeks before they are harvested.

Green onion plants are easy to grow and can be started from seed, sets (small bulbs), or transplants (larger bulbs). But the real question is how to grow green onions?

Where should you plant green onions?

When growing green onions, choosing a location that gets full sun and has well-drained soil is important. 

Raised beds are the perfect environment for onions to thrive. But before you start, you need to take note of some things.

  • First, make sure your soil is loose and well-drained. Green onions need plenty of moisture but won’t do well in soggy soil. You can improve drainage by adding organic matter such as compost or peat moss.
  • Second, be sure to fertilize your soil before planting green onions. They are heavy feeders, and a good dose of fertilizer high in nitrogen is beneficial for them. You can either use a granular fertilizer or apply compost or manure tea around the plants every few weeks during the growing season.
  • Finally, ensure you give your green onion plants enough space to grow.

When should you plant green onions?

The perfect time to learn on how to grow green onions is in the spring. This is because they are a cool weather crop that can live in frost. They do best when planted in well-drained soil that has been amended with compost or other organic matter. Green onions can be direct seeded or started from transplants. 

If you’re in an area with a short growing season, starting your green onion plants indoors about 4-6 weeks before your last expected frost date is best.

How to plant green onions?

Here are the steps on how to grow green onions.

  1. Prepare the soil by loosening it up with a shovel or tiller. And make sure there are no weeds.
  2. Green onions need loose, fertile soil to grow well. 
  3. Once the soil is loosened, add some compost or manure to it to help provide nutrients.
  4. After the soil is prepared, you can sow the green onion seeds. 
  5. Sow them about ½ inch deep and 2 inches apart. 
  6. Once the seeds have germinated, and the seedlings are a few inches tall, you can thin them out so that they are about 4 inches apart.

How to take care of and grow green onions?

To take care of your green onion plants, water them regularly and fertilize them every few weeks. When the leaves start to yellow, stop watering and allow the plant to go dormant. 

Cut off any dead leaves before storing the bulbs in a cool, dry place over winter. In spring, replant your green onion bulbs and resume regular care. 

What are the challenges in growing green onions?

Pests are one of the main concerns when growing green onions. These pests can include insects, rodents, and even diseases.

One way to prevent pests from attacking your green onion crop is to grow them in an enclosed space, such as a greenhouse

This will keep out pests such as rodents and insects. Another way to prevent pests is to use a natural insecticide, such as neem oil. Neem oil is safe for you and your animals and will not harm your green onion crop.

Different varieties of green onions you can grow.

Before you learn how to how to grow green onions, here are different varieties you can explore.

1. Nabechan

This one is a Japanese variety of green onions that you can grow for 60 days. It has thick stalks, is upright, and has sweetness in flavor.

2. Red Beard

This variety only needs 55 days to grow. It is a colorful green onion, typically with purple-red stalks. It’s also one of those varieties that are quick to mature.

3. Ishikura

This is one wide variety of green onions you can grow for 55 days. They typically have 15 inches of stalks and 12 inches of green leaves. For this one, you must plant it deeply because of its long stalks.

4. Parade

This is a high-quality variety of green onions, and it takes 65 days to grow this one. It has long white stalks with dark green leaves on top. 

Tips for growing green onions

If you want to add rich flavor to your dishes, consider growing green onions! Green onions are easy to grow and don’t require much space, making them perfect for small gardens or even indoor pots. Here are a couple of tips to get you started.

  • Start with fresh onion bulbs – look for plump ones with no signs of mold or damage.
  • Plant the bulbs in well-drained soil, about an inch deep. Space them about 4 inches apart, so they have room to grow.
  • Water regularly. Green onions need consistent moisture levels to produce healthy greens. However, be sure not to overwater, as this can cause the roots to rot.
  • Harvest when the greens are about 6 inches tall. You can cut them at the base with a sharp knife or simply pull them out of the ground.
  • Enjoy! Add your freshly harvested green onions to salads, soups, or any other dish you like.

Green onions are an excellent way to add flavor to your dishes without having to use a lot of space. Following these simple tips, you can easily grow your own green onions at home.

Grow your green onions today!

If you want to reward your dishes with more flavor, consider growing green onions! Green onions are easy to grow and can be used in various recipes.

You can skip the lines at the grocery store just to buy green onions. Plus, if you have them in your garden, you can enjoy fresh ones! 

Now that you know how to grow green onions, it’s time to apply that knowledge! In just two months, you can start harvesting your fresh green onions!

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