6 Effective Ways on How to Get Rid of Lizards in Your House and Yard

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how to get rid of lizards

Lizards are a type of reptile that is present in a variety of habitats all over the world. In the United States, lizards are commonly found in homes and yards. While some people enjoy having lizards around, others find them to be pests. That’s why it’s interesting to know how to get rid of lizards for real.

There are many different types of lizards, but they all have certain characteristics in common.

  • Lizards have dry, scaly skin and four legs. 
  • They also have long tails that is important in keeping their balance when they are running or climbing. 
  • Other lizards can naturally detach their tails if they feel threatened. Then the tail will grow back over time, but it will not look exactly the same as the original tail. 

Lizards are a common sight in many homes, and while they may be harmless, they can be a nuisance. If you want to get rid of lizards on your property but don’t know where and how to start, this article is for you!

Before you learn how to get rid of lizards, what attracts them?

Lizards are attracted to homes and yards for a variety of reasons. They may be seeking the following. 

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Mate

Sometimes lizards enter homes through open doors or windows. If there is an abundance of insects in your yard, this may attract lizards looking for an easy meal.

Lizards also need places to hide from predators and extreme weather conditions. A well-landscaped yard with plenty of hiding spots is often attractive to these creatures.

Inspect before eliminating lizards.

Lizards are a common sight in many gardens and yards. While they can be beneficial in eating insects, some people do not want them around. The first thing you need to do is to find them. 

But how can you do it?

  • Look under rocks, logs, and other debris.
  • They can also be found in trees or bushes.
  • You may also see them basking in the sun on fences or walls.
  • Inspect for their entry points in your yard and houses, such as small holes and wall openings.

Lizards are one of those creatures that don’t leave trails behind. So finding them could be a challenging task. But you must carry on since you really need to find them before getting rid of these lizards.

How to get rid of lizards in your house?

Lizards can be a nuisance in your home. They are often attracted to homes because of the present insects but no worries because you can surely get rid of them. 

If you want to enjoy a home sweet home, here’s how to get rid of lizards.

  1. Remove any food sources that would attract them. This includes keeping your kitchen clean and free of crumbs, as well as sealing up any cracks or holes where insects could enter.
  2. Make your home less inviting by removing places for them to hide. This means decluttering and eliminating piles of clothes or paper around the house where lizards could hide during the day.
  3. Use a lizard repellent to keep them away. Various products are available, or you can make your own using essential oils.

If you have pets, keep them away from lizards, as they could be potential prey. And if you have a lizard problem that you can’t seem to solve, you may need to call a professional pest control company.

How to get rid of lizards in your yard?

Here’s how to get rid of lizards on your yard or garden.

  1. One way is to remove their food source.

Lizards eat insects, so if you can reduce the insect population in your yard, the lizards will have less to eat and will eventually go elsewhere. You can do this by eliminating sources of standing water where mosquitoes breed, keeping trash cans tightly sealed, and using insecticides on your plants.

  1. Make your yard less attractive to lizards.

Lizards like places that are warm and sunny, so trimming back trees and shrubs that provide shade will make your yard less appealing to them.

  1. Try to rap the lizards using a variety of methods.

One is to put a piece of cardboard or wood against a wall or fence and then put a bucket or other container on top of it. 

The lizard will crawl under the cardboard to get to the other side and will then be trapped in the container.

How do pest control professionals get rid of lizards?

Pest control professionals have a few different methods for getting rid of lizards. 

One common method is to use sticky traps. These traps are placed in areas where lizards are known to frequent. The lizard will stick to the lure as it tries to walk across it and will eventually die from dehydration or starvation.

Another method that pest control professionals use is called dusting. This involves using a powdery substance that irritates the lizard’s respiratory system, causing them to cough up blood and eventually die.

Why should you be careful in catching lizards?

Lizards can be beneficial to have around the house. They help to keep insect populations under control and can even help with pollination. 

However, there are some reasons why you might want to be careful when catching lizards.

  • Lizards can carry diseases that could be harmful to humans if contracted. 
  • Additionally, some people may be allergic to lizard dander or saliva, which could cause severe reactions if they come into contact with it. 
  • Finally, wild lizards should not be kept as pets as they may not do well in captivity and could pose a danger to both themselves and their owners.

Get rid of lizards on your property today!

Although lizards are more harmless than other pests, they’re still creatures that can cause anxiety and allergies for some. Likewise, if you have a garden, you don’t want to ruin its view because of lingering lizards. 

Get these pests out of your property using the steps we mentioned above. Remember that a well-maintained environment is a must. If your garden and house are clean, lizards won’t be attracted. 

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