7 Best Indoor Garden Kits

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Best Indoor Garden Kits To Get You Started

Indoor garden kits can be an asset for people who are interested in growing their food indoors as opposed to buying products from the supermarket, which is expensive and often wasteful. So if you happen to be a home or apartment owner and don’t have any yard space, you may be thinking that having a bountiful garden is out of your reach. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Numerous indoor garden kits are available in the market and come in varying sizes and configurations. One of the kits is bound to suitable for your space.

7 Best indoor gardening kits

1. Modern Sprout Grow-Anywhere Growhouse


As the name suggests, the Grow-Anywhere Growhouse is a sleek solution to your lack of green space. The Growhouse is wall-mounted and consists of a housing unit and three Modern Sprout jars with built-in LED lighting and timer. The Modern Sprout Growhouse system is low maintenance and has timers that mimic the sun’s natural pattern. Your plants will be grown in water rather than soil to help minimize the frequency of watering them.

The Growhouse is perfect for growing mint, basil, arugula, parsley, rosemary, and watercress; it’s a bit pricey but designed beautifully. It’s ideal for apartment life given how it has a solid, modest-sized, quality-looking feel. So there’s no need for plastic décor anymore, go green!

2. Wally Gro One


For those who may have limited space, the Wally Gro One is definitely the option for you. These are basically wall-mounted fabric pockets; hence you can buy as much for a room as you want. They are relatively easy to plant out and is a great choice to install custom vegetation configurations. They can be installed throughout the space or grouped close together to make a one-of-a-kind vertical garden. Prioritize plants with climbing or creeping tendencies because they will give your place a very lush aesthetic. The only downside to the vertical garden is that the pockets dry out quickly, which means you’ll need to water your more. But if it’s possible, install simple drip irrigation.

3. Back to the Roots Water Garden


If you desire both a pet fish and garden, then this Back to the Roots Water Garden is for you. This garden-fish tank hybrid is a small aquaponics rig that features a fish tank accompanied by a Beta fish, together with a media kit set up for herbs, microgreens, or other small plants. The tank is a self-cleaning system. The Beta fish gives nutrients to the plants in a fish-fertilizing.

4. GrowLED Kitchen Garden


GrowLED Kitchen Garden features advanced LED technology, a sleek design, and room for three plants. The LED lights have a unique spectrum specifically designed to enhance indoor plant growth, whether it’s placed next to the kitchen window or not. This encourages optimum photosynthesis, which means the plants will grow stronger, faster, beautiful, and produce an abundant harvest. The kitchen feature can be placed on a kitchen shelf and won’t necessarily depend on sunlight because of the built-in LED lights. It’s an ideal unit for succulents, shorter herbs, and veggies, given how the lights aren’t adjustable

5. AeroGarden Harvest


The AeroGarden Harvest is a shelf mounted garden kit that can accommodate plants up to one foot tall. This nifty gadget is among the most advanced and reliable indoor Gardens and comes with a built-in LED light that encourages natural, rapid growth. It has an easy to use control panel that will actually tell you when to add nutrients and water to your plants. The panel also turns the lights on and off automatically to make sure that the plants are getting the right amount of light to get optimal photosynthesis.

And the best part about the AeroGarden Harvest system is that it’s hydroponic, which means that the plants will be grown in water, not soil, and has an easy-to-use refillable water tray. It will help you grow a whole host of indoor herbs without relying on natural sunlight. So you can grow your herbs any time of the year. So shake up your soups, salads, and sumptuous dinners all year. It generally requires low maintenance, comes ready with containers and seeds, and needs low amounts of water. The AeroGarden Harvest makes gardening a breeze.

6. Mindful Design Hydroponic Herb Garden


The Mindful Design’s Hydroponic Herb Garden requires the smallest amount of work but yields the biggest harvest. It’s a self-contained unit where you add water to the reservoir while keeping an eye on the low water level indicator. It comes with adjustable LED grow lighting that will allow you to grow both big and small plants. It requires low-maintenance and can grow your plants thirty percent faster than when grown in soil

7. Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse


Try the Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse if you’re going for something simpler. This unit consists of a sturdy rack with four shelves and a plastic greenhouse cover. It doesn’t come with a lighting unit so you will need some natural light source with this one. But if you have a back deck, balcony, sunroom, or even just a room with many windows, the Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse will allow you to grow many plants in a limited space.

You’re sure to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies in no time by choosing one of the aforementioned garden kits. Home cooks and nutrition buffs can rest easy, knowing they can gain access to their very own natural grown products right at home.