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8 Best Gardening Essential Tools For 2020

Gardening can be relaxing and fun past time activity, but it can prove to be daunting, too – especially if you don’t have the right tools. Ensure you’re well prepared for the gardening season with the following list of must-have gardening tools names for every gardener.


8 Best Essential Gardening Tools List Mention Below:


1. Hose with Nozzle

Mother Nature sometimes has your back by watering your plants — rain is the best way for watering your organic garden. However, there are times you will have to take matters by your hands. For those moments, you will require a suitable hose that has a spray nozzle. Flexzilla manufactures a reasonably priced and almost indestructible hose. A quality nozzle includes the likes of The Melnor Real Trigger 7-Pattern Nozzle that come with an array of gentle settings.


2. Seating Pad

Gardening will typically involve a lot of stooping, crouching, and sitting. You can make it easy on yourself with a seating pad, which is more comfortable. A good quality seating pad will be saving your knees and help you stay longer without feeling fatigued or sore. Among your considerations, check out Navy Penguin decent two-pack seating pads.


3. Gloves

Your hands can really be torn up with gardening. Sharp weeds and leaves can result in scrapes and cuts. You can even find dirt lodged in deep under your nails. Plus, there’s always that chance of digging into the soil while gardening only to find worms or a giant spider. Consider investing in a good pair of garden gloves like the Garden Genie. These gloves feature removable claws that really help with planting.


4. Rake

There are basically two types of rakes, and you most probably want both of them. A traditional leaf rake is perfect and helps keep your garden and surrounding free of large debris and leaves. For a quality choice, consider the Jardineer Lightweight Adjustable Leaf Rake.

A garden rake’s job is to prep the soil before planting. If you’re looking for an effective and durable garden rake, The Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle is the one for you.


5. Chicken Wire

The chicken wire is not exactly a tool per se, but it’s something you should definitely consider for your garden. If deer, possums and other creatures are eating your fruits and veggies, chicken wire can aid in protecting your plants. Be on the lookout for a galvanized chicken wire-like the wire made by Amagabeli.


6. Shears

Garden sheers are a must whether you’re pruning, weeding, or cutting something. They are heavy duty scissors able to cut through branches and plant material easily. If you’re looking for gardening shears, check out the iGarden’s three-pack.


7. Soil Knife

This is a curved knife with serrated edges. A soil knife is particularly useful when it comes to activities like slicing, digging, which includes digging the hard soil at the start of the year. Sensei Tools make incredibly durable and highly rated soil knives.


8. Small Soil Shovel

This is among the most versatile garden tools to have in your garden. A soil shovel helps dig up plants for transport or removal, planting, or help in scooping more soil in the garden. Small soil shovels are especially ideal for gardening due to their size. One such excellent option is the Homes Garden Carbon Steel Bend Proof Shovel.


The Wrap Up

Having the right tools for the job means you will be saving yourself a lot work. While the above list of garden tools is not that exhaustive, it contains most of the tools needed for successful gardening.



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