How Long Does Garlic Take To Grow? 2021

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Garlic is one of the natural ingredients used in food for a great taste. It is also used for numerous home remedies for various illnesses. Here’s what you need to know about garlic planting and harvesting.

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• Garlic reaches maturity at 9 months.

• It is categorized into hardneck or softneck.

• It can be grown in a container or in the garden.

• For the garlic to reach full maturity, it needs to be planted in an area with cool temperatures and specific day length. For instance, it is supposed to receive at least 6 hours of sun every day.

• The best time to plant garlic is in the fall. That’s about 3 to 8 weeks before the first freeze of autumn.

• When planting the garlic, you need to peel the skin from the outside part of a bulb then separate the cloves carefully. Plant each close about 2 inches deep and make sure they are 3 to 8 inches apart. The pointed ends should be facing up.

• When harvesting, you can start with the softneck garlic because it grows faster. When the leaves turn brown, yellow or if a few of the leaves are still green, it’s time to harvest.

That’s all you need to know about planting and harvesting garlic.

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