How To Plant A Low Maintenance Garden Today

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How to plant a low maintenance garden? Many homeowners want to learn that because one thing most people enjoy doing quite a bit is gardening.  People love to grow their own foods so that they can save money and eat really delicious meals.  They want to make sure that they have a low maintenance garden so that it is easy to take care of. You can have a garden even if you are a beginner gardener.

There are many things that they need to attend on a regular basis, so to make sure that all of their time is not spent gardening.

How To Plant A Low Maintenance Garden Today

You will want to plant a low-maintenance garden today if you are like most people who have a busy schedule and lots of things that they need to do all of the time.  Growing vegetables and leafy greens is a good idea if you have to water infrequently and weed when you want to.

What Should You Plant In Your Garden?

In order to have a low maintenance garden, you will want to plant certain crops.  This way, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time on it.  Here are some plants that will grow well for you with little maintenance:

1.  Lettuce

You should make sure that you pant lettuce in a low maintenance garden.  You can pick from several types of lettuce.  It is a hardy crop that will grow regardless of how much time you spend on it.  Keep it weeded and watered.  You will want to pick it when it is ready.

2.  Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another crop that is easy to maintain.  You will find that you will get plenty of delicious tomatoes just from one plant.

3.  Peppers

You can plant peppers too.  There are several different types of pepper plants that you can grow.  Make sure that they label them after you get them planted when you plant a low maintenance garden.

4.  Beans

You will want to include beans in your selections of vegetables in your garden.  Make sure that you keep your bean plants weeded on a regular basis, as this will not take up much of your time.  Pick the beans when they are ripe for a great tasting.

5.  Peas

Growing peas is another crop that is easily maintained.  You will get plenty of them from just a few plants.

Plants to grow in low maintenance garden

6.  Carrots

Carrots will grow underneath the ground, and they require very little maintenance.  You will have to wait until they are ready to pick for some delicious tasting vegetables.

7.  Red Beets

Red beets are another relatively simple crop to grow.  As they are also growing underneath the ground, they require very little upkeep.

8.  Onions

Onions are another hardy crop that you can grow with no problems.  You will want to plant a bunch of them.  Chives are also something that will give you great taste with minimal work.

9.  Cucumbers

If you have the room, cucumbers are great to grow.  They need room to spread out, so be sure that you have the space for these tasty plants.

10.  Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms is another easier plant to get great results with.  They take very little maintenance, and they are so good to eat.

And this is how to plant a low maintenance garden.

People that love the great tastes of homegrown crops will find that they can do so without investing a lot of time.  That is because they are very busy with other things, and they want the crops listed above growing for them.  It will be simple to have the crops that you want with minimal work involved.  Make sure that you plant the crops that you want and get ready to reap the rewards.

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