Top 10 Vertical Gardening Systems Guide

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For many homeowners, the love for the great outdoors clashes with the realities of limited space in our modern homes. How could you possibly plant a garden when you hardly have enough space for a BBQ grill, leave alone the patio you’ve always dreamt about? Well, for most of us, the answer lies on moving the garden up. Vertical gardening systems ideally offer the luxury of having your own plants while maximizing the space you have for entertainment, relaxation, and cook outs. Some provide interesting living art pieces, while others offer an extra layer of privacy from the neighbors.

Vertical Gardening Systems Succulent Plants

A vertical garden will give your home a unique curb appeal and set it apart from other houses on the block.

Plus, many vertical gardening systems feature succulent plants and other low maintenance plant species that are easy to take care of and keep the water bills low. Others come with built-in irrigation systems that are programmable to water the plants when the homeowner can’t.

Ten Vertical System

1. Outland Living

Outland Living vertical gardening systems has a number of variants to choose from, and range from 4 ft. to 6 ft. sizes, and different colors such as espresso, green, Fernie, and forest green. Despite the variation in color and size, all models maintain the same impressive build and quality. Every purchase comes with a guide and manual, complete with instructions and illustrations to ensure a stress-free assembly.

• High-quality build and construction

• Practical and attractive

• Easy to assemble

• Comes with a plastic frame

2. Circculent 5-Pocket Vertical Wooden Garden System

If you’re looking to make your compound beautiful, this is a rather compelling choice.  The Circculent 5-Pocket, It goes beyond just holding plants firmly in place. Since it’s both stable and strong, it can display your succulents, herbs, and flowers strategically for people to see and enjoy. It’s strong construction and stability allows the system to withstand the hardest of impacts, and is durable enough to deliver years of reliable use. It’s an excellent choice for apartments and condos.

• Strong build with incredible durability

• Ideal for limited spaces

• Very durable

• Only 5 pockets option

3. Keter Urban Bloomer

Keter Urban Bloomer-This is a convenient flower bed that can hold as much as 22.4 gallons of soil. It also has the height and width to get you the garden you’ve always wanted without taking up a huge space. You can easily place it on your patio, balcony, rooftop, etc. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to crouch, bend over, kneel, or strain your back as you can do everything while standing up. As such, it’s perfect for people with back or chronic issues.

• Affordable

• Durable resin construction

• Self-watering system

• The wooden-like finish is quite far off from the real thing.

4. Gronomics Garden Planter

This system is made from cedar, which helps give your house a splash of nature in terms of both looks and smell. While you buy this product, you can either assemble it yourself or get pre-assembled, with no much difference in terms of the time and effort saved. It features an irrigation system with a timer, meaning you don’t need to worry about watering the plants – you only need to set the timer, fill the reservoir, and the pumps will do the rest.

• Convenient watering system

• Made from 100% western red wood cedar

• Great optional extras

• Cannot be hung

5. Debieborahtoys Stacking Vertical Planter Tower

If you’re really short on space, this planter will help you say goodbye to the congestions associated with cramped space. The key benefit of this planter is that it’s stackable. You have the option of placing some boxes on top of each other to minimize space usage. The planter can also be used indoors and outdoors and comes in a sturdy build that can endure repeated use and impacts.

6. Algreen Garden

This system is designed to be very narrow with the ability to be hung almost anywhere in your condo or apartment, be it indoors or outdoors. The construction has been treated to be weather resistance and can handle most seasons and climates without getting damaged. You can also repaint it to fit the décor of your room. Assembling this product takes a few minutes, as all you need to do is mount two screws on the wall (or where you want to hang it) and simply hang it.

7. SELF-watering Garden

This is one of the more advances options in the market today. With it, you won’t have to constantly worry about watering your plants, as it comes equipped with an automatic irrigation system that can water them for days or weeks. It comes with 12 pots and you can get creative on the layers you want your garden to be and the layout. It’s also designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and is lightweight enough to be portable.

8. Mindful Garden Design

In comparison to other products in the market, this is a very easy-to-use product and very straightforward to assemble. It will only require minimal effort from you – only adding water. There are no complex parts or processes; the system will even warn you when the water levels are too low. The product features an LED light that you can adjust to your preference, which gives you plant the much-needed warmth of the sun.

9. Terracotta 3-Tier

This is one of the leading companies when it comes to self-watering gardens through stacking. It can water all pots from the top to bottom, and distribute water to every pot. The self-regulating design ensures that there’s no overwatering and that your plants stay hydrated and healthy. Plus, the stacked design makes it very pleasing to the eyes no matter how you look at it.

10. Watex Mobile Green Wall

If you’re just looking for a vertical plant garden for your room, you don’t need to stress yourself with a large planter. You only need to look for one that’s as compact and small as this one. It takes up very limited space, allowing it to fit in almost any room. The product is also available in many colors, giving you the freedom to choose one that fits your room’s décor.